Hybrid Warfare

Research and further learning on the global threats facing U.S. corporate and national interests.
A bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote letters on Oct. 9 and Oct. 18 to heads of Apple, NBA, and Activision Blizzard criticizing these companies for bowing to political pressure from the Chinese regime (CCP). The initiative united Republican
Dr. Jonathon D.T. Ward‘s China’s Vision of Victory a is landmark book on Chinese global strategy. A ‘must read’ on the Chinese Communist Party’s true intentions in dealing with
Hybrid threats have become the 21st security challenge for Western countries. They reflect significant change in the nature of international security. Change tends to increase feelings of insecurity and,
Break down of the 2017 Breach Level Index stats found: 7,125,940 compromised every day 2,96914 compromised records every hour 4,949 compromised records every minute 82 compromised records every second

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