5 Critical Flaws in Traditional Strategic Analysis

The new global competitive environment renders previous strategic risk analysis, assumptions, and operating models obsolete.

Strategic analysis in common use by business leaders has five critical flaws: linear in nature rather than dynamic; artificially objective (giving a false sense of certainty); collaborative in its incentives (which prevents rigorous critical thinking); fail to include the supply chain; and fail to strategically unite risk, strategy, the human factor, technology and security.

These shortfalls collectively cause organizational blind-spots and important risks and potential opportunities to be missed – both visible and unseen.

For over a decade, BlackOps Partners has partnered with clients to avoid these pitfalls and allow decision makers to experience and assess potential futures at very low risk and cost. This approach serves business leaders in greatly reducing aggregate risk in an increasingly complex, dynamic, and increasing risk, competitive environment.

BlackOps Partners provides breakthrough visibility, clarity, and execution while reducing risk and leveraging unseen opportunities through trusted and proven people, process, and methods. We lead the industry in pioneering the unification of risk, strategy, the human element, technology, and security on an adaptive, experiential platform.

‘We didn’t know how exposed we really were. Our board and senior exec team knew our risk, strategy, and assumptions were broken. It’s like a sports team hiring a new coach. It changed
everyone for the better.’





Risk is constantly evolving. All risk – strategic, reputation, regulatory, financial, Cyber, geo-economic, and unseen risk.

Evaluating your true corporate risk profile against strategy as a baseline with an adaptive platform is paramount. In today’s multi-dimensional global environment, strategic risk assessments must be forward-looking, built on intelligence best practices with real-time, factual intelligence. Employees, third-party contractors, and suppliers must be evaluated through the same methodology.
Due Diligence
BlackOps risk assessments are often used in due diligence support for financial, investment, legal, insurance, board, M&A, alliances, supply chain, and other key decisions.

Modeling and


The only adaptive platform for identifying and leveraging hidden strategic risk and opportunity in the new global competitive environment.

What makes strategic risk analysis different is the inherently irrational element of human decision making. We created Invictus® Gen4 to not only solve this, but elevate its results and benefits through unifying risk, strategy, the human element, technology, and security.

Psychologists and economists increasingly confirm human beings are not rational actors. Yet much of business and risk analysis tacitly relies on this assumption and proceeds with ‘objective’ assessments that provide a false sense of accuracy and certainty. Invictus® Gen4 is the leading experiential platform that draws out the emotion and inherent irrationality that inevitably accompany human beings making decisions under conditions of stress, and with imperfect information.

BlackOps’ Invictus® Gen4 provides collateral benefits. It trains employees in critical thinking; helps both employees and their leaders evaluate their decision making under stress; draws out input from junior levels of the organization which might not normally have the mechanism, incentive, or ‘permission’ to contribute; reveals where either risk or opportunity are greater than believed due to a scattered distribution across several parts of the organization; draws out assumptions and challenges group-think that might otherwise remain hidden; and helps align teams toward a shared course of action.

The BlackOps and Invictus® Gen4 difference:

Invictus® Gen1 is available for our defense and DoD clients.



In every company, there is a large gap and untapped reserve of knowledge and potential in the employee pool and supply chain – until now.

Invictus® Gen4 provides the tool for breaking down silos while training in critical thinking, fostering ownership of risk and strategy, while elevating performance.

Once the modeling and simulation phase is complete, a summary is set as a one-day training simulation through the company and supply chain.

Most clients state this aspect of Invictus® Gen4 alone creates a unique strategic competitive advantage.

‘Our only regret is not starting several years ago, we could have benefitted from the results much earlier. We’ve done several sessions and have several planned throughout the company.’

IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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