Unrestricted Hybrid Warfare

Asymmetric Hybrid Warfare


Countering the Chinese Communist Party’s Malign Influence in Free Societies

U.S. Dept. of State

Communist China and the Free World’s Future

U.S. Secretary of State

The China Threat


Additional Resources

On The Front Lines of a War You Don’t Know About

Talk by BlackOps CEO Casey Fleming

BlackOps CEO Keynote Address

at Texas A&M SCONA

Dunford Describes Great Power Competition with Russia, China

U.S. Dept. of Defense

Army Cyber to Become an Information Warfare Command

AFCEA Signal

Bolton: Chinese IP Theft Causing Damage to the U.S.

Fox News

Leaked Documents Advise Chines on New Cold War

The Epoch Times

‘Great Power Competition’ at Heart of Strategy: Mattis


Unrestricted Warfare

Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui

Pompeo Keynote Address: “Great Power Competition”


The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies


1 in 5 Corporations Say China has Stolen Their IP in the Last Year


The Global Threats of China’s Economic Aggression

The White House

China’s Secret Blueprint to Destroy America

The Epoch Times

CyberSecurity 3.0: The Single Most Important Event of this Century

The Epoch Times

“We Have to be Prepared for Wars Without Blood”

60 Minutes

Stretching and Exploiting the Thresholds for High Order War

RAND Corporation

Chinese Warfare Targeting American Economy


The U.S. Got China All Wrong

The Epoch Times

China-U.S. Trade Spat is Just a Start to the Economic Cold War


Has China Been Duping the U.S.?

Fox News Insider

What Trump’s Trade War is Really About


What is “Made in China 2025”?

The Epoch Times

“The Secret War Against the United States”

U.S. Army Cyber Institute

FBI Investigating Chinese Espionage in All 50 States

The Epoch Times

The China-U.S. Power Struggle Is Just Beginning


Further Reading & Research

  • Rand Corporation
    • “Stretching and Exploiting Thresholds for High-Order War”
    • “The Defender’s Dilemma”
    • “How Russia, China, and Iran Are Eroding American Influence Using Time-Tested Measures Short of War”
  • The Epoch Times
    “China’s Secret War Against America” special series
  • New York Post
    “China’s Secret Plan to Topple the US as the World’s Superpower”
  • Michael Pillsbury, Author
    “The Hundred Year Marathon”
  • James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology
    ICIT Brief: “China’s Espionage Dynasty”
  • Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
    “Party Directive Reveals Increased Theft of U.S. Technology”
  • Ian Bremmer, PhD
    President, Eurasia Group
  • Sun Tzu
    The Art of War
  • General James Mattis, Former U.S. Sec Def
    Irregular Warfare and Future Wars
  • Peter Navarro, PhD, White House Director for National Trade Council
    “Crouching Tiger – What China’s Militarism Means for the World”
  • United States Naval Postgraduate School
    “China’s Development of Asymmetric Warfare Capabilities and the Security of Taiwan, R.O.C.”
  • Yale University
    YaleGlobalOnline: “The US Faces Rival Powers Waging Hybrid Warfare”

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