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Critical Imperative:

The global competitive environment operates at the strategic layer. Most companies don’t spend the required time in risk and strategy – resulting in not only increased overall risk, but missing unseen opportunities.

Your company’s survival lies solely in getting the strategic layer right – through unifying and leveraging strategic risk, strategy, the human factor, technology, and security.

BlackOps Partners was created over a decade ago with the foresight to directly address this requirement. We teamed top executives from intelligence, strategy, technology, and security to deliver the highest visibility and value to our clients.

We serve many clients across all industry sectors on a global basis.

‘We are dependent on the Invictus® tool for clarity, visibility, and alignment throughout our company. The economic and culture value-add is so powerful, we installed a center of excellence for risk and strategy with Invictus as the central process driver. It gives us level-up competitive advantage.’


Board Of Directors

T. Casey Fleming
Chairman and CEO

Chairman and CEO, Strategic Security Partners (acquired by BlackOps Partners)
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, Global Strategy
Founding Managing Director, Security Division, IBM

Mr. Fleming’s Bio

Anthony Chapa

Assistant Director, United States Secret Service, retired
Chief Technology Officer, United States Secret Service
Directed Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF)

Brent Christianson

Vice President and General Manager, Amazon Web Services
Vice President and General Manager, Security Division, IBM

Eric Qualkenbush

Director, Office of Central Cover, Central Intelligence Agency, retired
Director, Training and Education, Central Intelligence Agency

Michael Weston

Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, retired
Managed Counterintelligence, Economic Espionage, Insider Threat Operations

Tom Ayers

CEO, ABB Wireless Communications Systems, Tropos Networks, and N-Dimension Systems
Senior Vice President, McAfee Security
Senior Vice President, BlueCoat Systems

Board Of Advisors

Brian O’Neill
Senior Intelligence Executive, Central Intelligence Agency (Retired)
Director, CIA/Advanced Data Lifecycle Solutions
Deputy Director of Analysis, DNI/National Counterterrorism Center
Executive Editor, DNI/President’s Analytic Support Staff
Gerry Czarnecki

Chief Executive Officer, Deltennium Strategies
Chair, National University System, Board of Trustees; Chair, Audit Committee, Jack Cooper Enterprises
Chair & Founder, National Leadership Institute; Chair Emeritus & Founder, NACD Florida Chapter
NACD Board Leadership Fellow and Faculty Member; Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight
Head of BlackOps Board Leadership & Governance Group

Bob Mannarino

Chief Executive Officer, Boardroom Associates
Chief Executive Officer GCR, President ICT Group, COO CDI Corporation, Director Emtec
Board Advisor Cybersecurity and Technology, Clearview Capital, Secure Cloud Services Corporation
NACD Board Leadership Fellow; Board Member NACD CT, Carnegie Mellon, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Certificate, Cybersecurity Oversight
Head of BlackOps Board Strategy and Cyber Transformation Group

Steve Hammonds

Vice President, Chief Information Officer, HP Enterprise Services
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, EDS
Group VP, Chief Information Officer, General Motors Acceptance Corp.
Head of BlackOps Technology Industry Group

Mark Stanton

Senior Vice President, The Americas, Wells Fargo
Senior Vice President, Societe Generale
Head of BlackOps Financial Services Industry Group

Doug De Peppe, LLM, JD

Principal, eosedge Legal, a global CyberLaw firm
CyberLaw advisor to US-CERT
White House Cyber Initiative Attorney
Cyber JAG Officer, Unites States Army
Head of BlackOps CyberLaw and Legal Industry Groups

Lani Kass, PhD

Senior Vice President and Corporate Strategic Advisor, CACI International
Senior Policy Advisor to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)
Special Assistant to Chief of Staff, USAF and Senior Mentor, CHECKMATE
Director of SECAF/CSAF Cyber Task Force
Professor of Military Strategy and Operations, The National War College
Head of BlackOps Military and Defense Group

MGEN David Garza

Major General, United States Marine Corps, retired
Inspector General of the Marine Corps
Director, Marine Corps 2025 Strategic Vision Group
Chief of Staff, United States Marine Corps Southern Command
Head of BlackOps U.S. Government Agency and Defense Industry Groups

Chris Hetner

Senior Cybersecurity Advisor to the Chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Head of Cybersecurity for the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examination at the SEC
Chief Information Security Officer at GE Capital; and Senior Vice President at Citigroup
Managing Director at Marsh, Wealth and Asset Management; Cyber Practice Leader at EY
Head of BlackOps Cyber Risk Group

Rex M. Lee

Senior Vice President, Carnegie Technologies
Board of Advisors, Techno Security and Digital Forensics
Technology and Telecom Industry Advisor to DHS, NSA, and Congress
Senior Vice President, Space Data Corporation and Infrastructure Networks
Head of BlackOps Telecom Group

Kurt Sanger, JD

Former Deputy General Counsel for U.S. Cyber Command 
Former Senior Attorney for U.S. Cyber Command Operations, Intelligence, Policy, Partnerships, Legislation, and U.S. Marine Corps Cyberspace Command
Law Instructor at National Defense University and Marine Corps University
Board Advisor to Cowbell Cyber Insurance and Batten Secure Corporation

Michael G. McLaughlin, JD

Cybersecurity Attorney and Policy Advisor, Baker Donelson
Senior Counterintelligence Advisor, United States Cyber Command
Director, Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence, Cyber National Mission Force
Policy and Cybersecurity Research Affiliate, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence & Security (ARLIS)
Author of Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia are Undermining our Democracy and National Security

Lynn Mattice
President & Founder, National Economic Security Alliance
Chairman Emeritus, National Intellectual Property Law Institute
Inaugural Advisory Board Member, National Counterintelligence Center
Chair, Finance Committee, National Industrial Security Program- Presidential Task Force
CSO, three major global corporations
Nicholas Beecroft
Senior Military Advisor, Psychiatry
Director, Veinvest – M&A, Private Equity, Deal Strategy
Member, Royal College of Defence Studies, London
Director, Psyplomacy – Psychology of Geopolitics & International Relations
Consultant, McKinsey & Company


T. Casey Fleming
Chairman and CEO

Chairman and CEO, Strategic Security Partners
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
Founding Managing Director, Security Division, IBM

Dan Petter
Chief Operating Officer

Managing Director, Strategic Applications, IBM Global Services
Director, Global Secure Systems, AT&T Corporation
Senior Vice President, Security, Venali

George McCausland
Chief Engagement Officer

Director, Strategic Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting
Chief Information Officer, SPX Incorporated
Chief Information Officer, Code Alarm Incorporated

Mike Masterson
Chief Intelligence Officer

Chief, Intelligence, United States Cyber Command
Military Intelligence Branch Chief, United States Army
Commander, Special Troops Battalion, United States Army

Merle Garrison
Chief Client Officer

Director, Spok
Vice President, Vocera Communications
Vice President, Extension Healthcare

Alex Shea
Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Executive Officer, leading global DarkNet Intelligence firm
Chief Information Security Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield
Advisor to U.S. agencies on Cyber Intelligence, HUMINT, Cyber hacking, and methods

Scott Tait
Chief Strategy Officer

Captain, USS Zumwalt, United States Navy, retired
Led strategy, policy, and innovation for 3 and 4-star commanders in Indo-Pacific region and Washington
Primary focus of directing wargaming to uncover key strategic opportunities and risks
Distinguished member of the Halsey Alfa Advanced Research and Wargaming Project at Naval War College

John Barrett
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Security Partners
Chief Financial Officer, Frost Bancshares
Vice President Finance, Cambridge Ventures

Sara Williamson
Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer, Continuum
Vice President Marketing, Accenture
Vice President Marketing, Cap Gemini

Michael Andrews
Chief Counsel

Chief Counsel, Strategic Security Partners
Chief Counsel, CapWest Securities
General Counsel, American Bancshares

Nicholas Beecroft
UK Advisor
Senior Military Advisor, Psychiatry
Director, Veinvest – M&A, Private Equity, Deal Strategy
Consultant, McKinsey & Company
The Invisible War: Exposing Modern Warfare With Casey Fleming by Dr. Patty Ann Tublin
  • The Invisible War: Exposing Modern Warfare With Casey Fleming

IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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