BLACKOPS Cyber Launches ERINYES™, the Breakthrough Dashboard Enabling Real-time Search of the DarkNet

BLACKOPS Cyber Launches ERINYES™, the Breakthrough Dashboard Enabling Real-time Search of the DarkNet.

ERINYES is a breakthrough, intuitive system with aggregated threat feeds updated in real-time. ERINYES identifies product offering details and posted threads from a disparate array of global sensor data streams including ranking and profiles.

“With most cybercrime, cyberespionage, and terrorist threats rooted and processed throughout the DarkNet, a tool such as ERINYES is something the cybersecurity industry and counter-terrorism unit end-user organizations have been anxiously awaiting.” states T. Casey Fleming, CEO of BLACKOPS Partners Corporation. He further states: “ERINYES provides actionable, advanced warning that either eliminates or greatly reduces damages for each organization. This is a significant development because the cybersecurity industry is predominantly reaction-based.”

The DarkNet is vast, representing 96% of the Internet with only 4% as the “Surface Net” or what the average, law-abiding person sees.

ERINYES focuses specifically in the DarkNet as a highly proactive tool driving situational intelligence and awareness while reducing risk early in the lifecycle throughout the entire organization and supply chain. Many times, a nefarious act can be caught during the planning or early-execution phase so that countermeasures can be rendered with maximum effectiveness.

With the world’s largest database of threat actors and events, including all known aliases and legends, ERINYES provides motive, intent, capabilities, and profiles of identities and backgrounds of actors or cyber enterprises by identifying key attributes such as nicknames, IP addresses, email addresses, mobile numbers, social media profiles, location, etc.

Access to ERINYES grants you intuitive, dynamic, real-time information collected via sensor data. The sensor data details the scale of participation and any group hierarchy which may exist relating to specific domains or IP addresses. By giving access to not only the products offered on the black market, but also communications from private platforms that malicious threat actors use, ERINYES delivers their data and identities.

BLACKOPS Cyber executives will be attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 13-17, and will be available for private meetings and demonstrations. Contact Etien Alcantara, for more information or to arrange a meeting.


About BLACKOPS Cyber:

BLACKOPS Cyber, Inc. is the only commercial cybersecurity company targeting proactive and actionable intelligence in the DarkNet. The company combines intellectual property, experts and technology to the successful tracking, capture, prosecution, and subsequent conviction of threat actors on a global basis. Staffed with key industry veterans and former senior government executives, we provide cutting-edge, actionable intelligence and support to both commercial enterprises and government agencies worldwide. BLACKOPS Cyber, Inc. is a division of BLACKOPS Partners Corporation.Check out our recent article in United States Cybersecurity magazine

About BLACKOPS Partners:

BLACKOPS Partners Corporation – The leading cyber intelligence and strategy advisors to C-levels and boards of the Fortune 1000, government agencies, academic organizations, and research institutions. America’s top senior thought leaders strategically teamed from national intelligence, law enforcement, cyber, technology, information security, and management consulting (IBM, CIA, FBI, US Secret Service, EDS, Deloitte Consulting, McAfee).
Check out our recent article in United States Cybersecurity magazine

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