BLACKOPS Releases Erinyes Cyber Security Program for Darknet Markets

BLACKOPS Releases Erinyes Cyber Security Program for Darknet Markets.


Erinyes is the trailblazing cyber tool that will be used in cyber defense on the darknet. It is becoming the preferred method to carry out advanced cyber intelligence daily. Moreover, it is a fantastic early warning system to decrease risk exposure in the initial stages of risk development.

Erinyes works in real-time. With its intuitive nature, it is faster than human thinking, and a breakthrough in cyber security development. It usually helps aggregate threats as they occur as if it anticipated them before they even occurred. In the process of identifying threats, Erinyes pinpoints details associated with a specific product and comparing them to post threads in different arrays of sensor data that include elements such as profiles and rankings across the globe.

Erinyes is a product of BlackOps Partners Corporation, and this is their latest achievement, pointing to a bright future. “With most cybercrime, cyber espionage, and terrorist threats rooted and processed throughout the Darknet, we knew a new tool was needed to fight these,” the CEO said recently. “Erinyes is something the cyber security industry and counter-terrorism end-user organizations have been anxiously waiting for,” he added. Darknet is usually involved in anonymous

The Darknet is popular for vendors to market and sells anonymously. With the help of sites such as Minerva Market, there is 100% anonymity to its users purchasing or selling any item. However, some sites are vulnerable to threats, especially the sites with weapons and other illegal use such as child pornography.


Erinyes is the Security Boost Any Darknet Site Needs

Erinyes provides actionable advanced warnings that either eliminate or greatly reduce potential damaging threats. This is a significant development because the cyber security industry is predominantly reaction-based. Such is the case with Hansa Market putting together a bounty program to combat threats and vulnerabilities.The size of the darknet is mindboggling since it represents 96% of all the Internet where only 4% is considered “Surface Net” that is accessible and visible to the regular, law-abiding individuals.

The size of the darknet is mindboggling since it represents 96% of all the Internet. The other 4% is considered “Surface Net” that is accessible and visible to the regular, law-abiding individuals. This is what most of the world is using too.

However, darknet markets are renowned for scams after a number of websites shut down abruptly without notifying users and disappearing with their money. These cyber crimes and other frustrations with the potential of scamming individuals has led to a great need for cyber security that is preventative and not just reactionary.

If you are one of those who is tired of the scams on the darknet, then visiting a market like The Trade Route seems to be a safe bet. This is the ultimate marketplace created by darknet service veterans and seasoned programmers.


What to Expect Moving Forward

The main focus of Erinyes operations is to provide a tool to proactively drive both situational awareness and intelligence in decreasing risk very early in its initial stages of development across the institution and the supply chain. In most cases, the system allows reprehensible acts to be caught in planning or early stages of execution allowing countermeasures to be carried out in a way that ensures maximum effectiveness.

Erinyes has the world’s biggest database. Therefore, threat events and individuals who are believed to be threatening are known by their nicknames and legends. The system is able to provide intent, motive, identity profiles and capabilities as well as backgrounds of individual actors or online enterprises through identification of essential attributes like nicknames, email address, IP address, profiles in the social media, mobile numbers and location among others.

Erinyes provides users access to instinctive, vibrant, real-time information gathered through the help of sensor data. This sensor data grants details on the level of involvement as well as any noticeable group hierarchy that may be associated with given IP addresses or domains. Moving forward it will also able provide DarkNet users access to products in various markets. The system can access communications that occur in private platforms preferred by malicious actors, allowing it to deliver identities and data of such individuals.

This may be true for certain websites in the darknet already. However, some like Darknet Heroes League help their users to be acquainted with how they can maintain anonymity in the darknet through the use of PGP encryption/decryption and VPN services. These are alternative security measures. This way, users are guaranteed security and protection since no one can track their online activity and only your intended recipients can see the information or messages you share in the platform as you visit and shop on the website.

Executives from BlackOps Cyber will attend the RSA Cyber Security conference in San Francisco, February 13-17, 2017. Expect to hear much more about Erinyes from the executives during their presentations.

IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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