BLACKOPS CEO to contribute on panel for Info Security Magazine

Insider Risk Maturity Models: Tales from the Insider Crypt

From InfoSecurity Magazine: Businesses are struggling to benchmark their security maturity position. The issue is that some businesses often have an inflated opinion of their posture, whist others have no security maturity at all. What does a company with a clear idea of its security maturity concerning its insider threat risk actually look like?

For many organizations, understanding insider risk maturity is a journey that starts with understanding their ‘gaps in the stack’ and where the problems actually are, when in reality, the insider threat is a persistent problem for businesses that is difficult to control. Therefore, a maturity model is a good step forward in dealing with this.

In this webinar, a panel of security experts will discuss insider risk-management strategies and outline the steps businesses can take to create an insider threat maturity model which fits with their security and risk needs.

Key takeaways:

  • What an insider threat maturity model looks like, how to build one and how to use it
  • Why organizations need to constantly be learning about insider risk and evolving to meet new challenges
  • Real stories of businesses assessing their insider risk maturity – and what they learned
  • How to turn data insights into real-time decision making

Register for the webinar at InfoSecurity Magazine.

IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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