BlackOps CEO Casey Fleming on TEDx Talks

Social media can do wonderful things, but the news is full of the darker side of technology. Casey Fleming shares more about Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare where technology makes everyone a target and a weapon in a new kind of war. Casey serves as Chief Executive Officer for BlackOps Partners Corporation, the leading intelligence, think tank, strategy and cybersecurity advisors to senior leadership of the world’s largest organizations. He is widely recognized as an expert on cybersecurity, intelligence, strategy, national security and asymmetrical hybrid warfare. Casey advises leaders in business, government, the military, The White House and Congress. He is co-author of Invictus, a breakthrough hybrid warfare exercise (Invictus Gen1 is a military and DoD Wargaming exercise. Learn more about Invictus Gen4 for commercial applications here). The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recently named him Cybersecurity Professional of the Year.

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