Beijing’s unseen attack on American life

State-sponsored hacking—that and more is what the United States is up against.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said earlier this year that “there is no greater threat.”

But it goes beyond cyber war, leaching into all sectors.

In this special report, we look at how the Chinese regime has waged war on virtually every area—making waves that reach every American—even though most people don’t even realize it.

Joining us to help shed light on the topic are Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners Corporation; and John Mills, a retired colonel, former director of Cybersecurity at the Defense Department, senior fellow with the Center for Security Policy, and part of the Spectrum consulting Group.

Topics in this episode:
Over 80 Chinese Firms Face Delisting Risk
China’s COVID Policy Hurting Earnings
UK and Japan Agree ‘Landmark’ Defense Deal

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