TripWire: Data Location and Risk Haunt IT Pros’ Dreams, Reveals Study

Today’s evolving online threat landscape is challenging enterprises to make changes that will enhance their security. The threat of a data breach, for instance, is leading many organizations to invest in measures that will help protect their data.

Even so, what intelligence is guiding these decisions remains uncertain. It is therefore an opportune moment to learn how and – to what extent – companies are using data security intelligence to minimize the possibility of a data breach, not to mention other risks that threaten their sensitive and confidential information.

Fortunately, it was this purpose that motivated the publication of The State of Data Security Intelligence, a report sponsored by software development company Informatica and conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

In total, 1,663 IT security practitioners located in 18 countries, working in a variety of industry sectors were interviewed for the report. Their responses have yielded three key findings with respect to how organizations are using data security intelligence…


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IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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