Cybersecurity strategy and practices continue to be universally broken in most organizations. This fact is underscored in a recent global study, “one-third of attacks are successful however, three-quarters of senior leaders remain unaccountably confident in their security strategies.” These successful attacks are only the attacks organizations know internally or are reported to them. Actual successful attacks are estimated at 10X this number.

To further illustrate the enormity of the crisis and disconnect, the Cybersecurity industry closed at $100 billion in 2016 and is expected to exceed $1 trillion from 2017-2021.

Organizational, financial and reputational risk is compounded as attacks and theft expand upon grossly outdated cybersecurity strategies and systems. Catastrophic risk is increasingly accelerated to senior leadership of all organizations with much higher impact as never before. Ultimately, senior leadership don’t know what they don’t know but are still required reduce their personal and organizational risk through the fog of the massively evolving information war. This is where BLACKOPS provides clear industry leadership. Top leadership in every organization must take immediate action to reassess cyber risk and transform their organizations based on true adversarial intelligence and cutting-edge best practices. It begins with the entire senior leadership team in every organization, not IT.

BLACKOPS is the only multi-disciplinary, intelligence-based, full-spectrum Cybersecurity advisor to senior leadership of the world’s largest organizations.

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  • Intelligence Engine.
  • Unparalleled Experience.
  • YOUR Experts.

“Cybersecurity is fundamentally broken.”

– Amit Yoran, president of RSA and former Cybersecurity Director for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


⊕   Global Data Breach Experts
⊕   Pre-Breach Assessment | Breach Mitigation | Post-Breach Recovery | Post-Breach Hardening
⊕   “The New Global Competitive Model” – Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare Intelligence Briefing
⊕   SPECTRE: Strategy and Competitive Transformation Exercise
⊕   Cybersecurity Requirements Analysis, Product Selection Guidance
⊕   Half-Day and Full-Day “Board to Board” Risk Reduction Strategy Sessions – based on current active intelligence and cutting-edge methods
⊕   Industry leadership supporting Board’s ‘Active Oversight’ Requirement
⊕   Regular Senior Leader Cyber Briefings – all organization, all sectors
⊕   Ongoing Board Cyber Expertise and Advisory Requirement (SEC Mandate)
⊕   Cyber Hygiene and Personal Risk Reduction Strategies
⊕   Annual Data Breach Exercise, Planning, Modeling, Execution (Tabletop Exercise)
⊕   Cyber Resilience / Data Breach / Incident Response Support
⊕   Crisis Response Support
⊕   Senior Leadership Expert Cyber Support Retainer
⊕   Independent Annual Vulnerability and Risk Assessments with Mitigation Strategies
⊕   M&A Cyber Risk Assessments
⊕   Crisis Management: Cutting-Edge Forensics, Recovery, Brand, PR, Media Response
⊕   Due Diligence


⊕  Insider Threat Analysis and Detection Program Development and Management
⊕  Organizational Assessments
⊕  Pre-Employment and Employment Personnel Assessment with Vetting
⊕  Confidential Employee, White Collar, Third-Party, Supply Chain Investigations
⊕  Third-Party and Supply Chain Due Diligence, Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation
⊕  Insider Threat Analysis and Detection Program
⊕  Intelligence-based Awareness Training, Exercises and Certification
⊕  Compliance Assessments and Gap Analysis
⊕  Security Governance, Policy and Procedures Development
⊕  Hacking and Espionage Simulations, Red Team Deployment
⊕  Economic Espionage Investigations
⊕  Executive IP Protection Program
⊕  Identity Theft Prevention


⊕  360 Degree Active Intelligence (Adversarial, Cyber, and Darknet)
⊕  Counterintelligence
⊕  Situational Awareness
⊕  Active DarkNet Surveillance, Intelligence, Actionable Intelligence, Research, Advanced Alerts, and Mitigation
⊕  Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare
⊕  Custom Intelligence Research and Analysis
⊕  Speaking Engagements
⊕  Media Engagements

“Our board selected BLACKOPS for their deep board-level expertise, cyber intelligence and partnering advocacy with directors. They are a cut above and exceeded our expectations. More importantly, we trust and highly recommend them.”

– Director, Fortune 100 Company


⊕  Cybersecurity Strategy Transformation
⊕  Cyber Breach Exercises, Planning and Modeling
⊕  Cloud, Big Data Strategy and Tools
⊕  Mobile, Social Media Strategy and Tools
⊕  Data Classification
⊕  Comprehensive and Targeted Security, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
⊕  Infrastructure Screening and Protection
⊕  Ongoing Intelligence-based Cyber Security Awareness Education, Training and Certification
⊕  Cyber, Insider Threat, Physical Incident Assessment and Response
⊕  Advanced Persistent Threat APT, Malware Detection, Prevention, Mitigation
⊕  Phishing Detection, Prevention, Mitigation, Awareness Training
⊕  Penetration Testing, Enterprise Network Intrusion Investigations
⊕  Network Design and Re-Engineering
⊕  Digital Forensics
⊕  Custom Solution Research, Evaluation and Development
⊕  Hardware, Firmware, Software Screening, Office and Conference Room Screening


⊕  Cutting-Edge CyberLaw Review and Hardening Strategies
⊕  Cyber Liability Strategies and Risk Reduction
⊕  Contractual Review for Risk Reduction, Risk Transfer, Including Supply Chain
⊕  Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support

“They were referred to us as ‘The SEAL Team Six of Cyber’ and they were every bit of it.”

– Senior Government Official


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