Fortune: Here’s who boardrooms are blaming for data breaches

Point fingers all you like when a corporate hack goes down. But when push comes to shove, who does the top brass hold responsible?

Boardrooms are increasingly assigning fault to chief executive officers, according to a survey of 200 corporate directors conducted by the New York Stock Exchange ICE 0.14% in partnership with the Burlington, Mass.-based security company Veracode. In fact, more than 2-in-5 respondents said that CEOs should face the brunt of breach-related backlash.

In terms of accountability, the directors point their fingers like so: First at the CEO, then at the chief information officer, next at the full C-Suite, and fourthly at the chief information security officer, whose job is to keep a company’s data and technology protected.

In a show of solidarity, the directors place the blame lastly upon themselves, the board members. Just above the category “Other.”

Courtesy of Veracode.

That the directors’ are holding entire executive teams accountable ahead of security officers may reflect their acknowledgment that maintaining defenses costs time and money, and that higher-ups tend to hold the purse strings and set the priorities within organizations. Indeed, security officers can easily be hamstrung if they don’t receive the resources they need…

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It's Time to Level Up

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