FBI Warns Los Angeles County Sheriff: Chinese Company Harvested Employee DNA

Los Angeles County contracted Fulgent Genetics Corporation to harvest data about Wuhan coronavirus vaccination status and to administer testing for the disease. It turns out, that company has direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the FBI had to intervene. 

“This letter is to inform you the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will not participate in COVID-19 registering or testing with Fulgent Genetics Corporation (Fulgent), due to the fact the DNA data obtained is not guaranteed to be safe and secure from foreign governments and ‘will likely be shared with the Republic of China,'” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva wrote in a letter to the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors. “On November 24, 2021, I was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator, who shared with me the FBI’s need to brief Los Angeles County leaders as to ‘very concerning information’ they learned regarding the COVID-19 testing of County employees by Fulgent.”

“I was shocked to learn Fulgent had strong ties with BGI, WuXi, and Huawei Technology, all of which are linked to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) State Council and under the control of the PRC. I was even more shocked to learn Fulgent made no attempt to disguise the fact they will use the genetic information obtained in future studies,” Villanueva continued. “I am deeply concerned as to the vetting process which either failed to discover this, or discovered it, but chose to ignore it…Entering into a no-bid contract with Fulgent Genetics and allowing them to have the DNA data obtained from mandatory COVID-19 testing, for unknown purposes, has shattered all confidence my personnel have in this entire process under the County Mandate.” 

The company was contracted by the County after a mandate was put in place for vaccination or testing. In fact, employees were being threatened with termination for not submitting themselves to the system. 

With similar government mandates in countless jurisdictions around the country, the question now is where else is the Chinese Communist Party collecting DNA data on Americans? 

Read more at Townhall.com.

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