Epoch Times: China Is Building a Database On Americans Using Its Domestic Spy Program

According to experts, the Chinese regime is building a database on Americans, using data stolen through numerous cyberattacks and, to some degree, inside spies. A source close to the matter told Epoch Times it may be building this system using the same software as its new domestic spy program.

The software being used by the CCP was initially created to analyze massive sets of data, and draw connections between the data. The source confirmed that Chinese authorities are repurposing this software for a new program that gathers information on Chinese citizens into a single database from police and spy organizations throughout China.

Involved in the program are an estimated six secret police organizations, the source said, as well as its regular police and domestic spy organizations.

The leading role in developing the program is played by an office that suggests something more is at work. The source said one of the key organizations involved in the program is under the Chinese military’s General Staff Department, Third Department. This office is in charge of the Chinese regime’s foreign cyberattacks.

The offices involved and the functionalities of the system align with what experts in the United States suspect is now taking place: that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is building a database on Americans, using information stolen in a recent string of cyberattacks.


Read the full article here.

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