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The world is changing.  Business is changing.  Risk is changing.

Today’s operating environment for directors and officers is evolving and defined by expanding existential and strategic risk. The confluence of strategic risk presents a daunting task for directors and officers that must be managed concurrently: geo-economic, finance, decoupling, stock price, inflation, supply chain, health (pandemic), Cyber, workforce, IP theft, war, hybrid war, and climate, to name a few.

The risk lifecycle is now measured in days and months, not years. Current risk methods in use have proven ineffective and based on obsolete assumptions of past periods that leave your company and yourself increasingly vulnerable like no other time in history.

Risk Must be Managed in an Entirely New Way

Directors and officers must level-up and lead their companies in the following:
  • Guided discovery for strategic risk, assessment, and mitigation
  • Ability to see hidden risk and new opportunity in advance across the enterprise and supply chain
  • Ability to quickly pivot from risk to new opportunity (agile)
  • A cultural shift aligning risk, strategy, data, security, technology, and most importantly, the human element
  • Forge trust and teamwork on a shared risk and strategy platform

“In the very near future, all companies will be required to operate with the capability Invictus provides in order to remain competitive in this fluid risk environment.”

Fortune 500 Chairperson

Corporate Counterintelligence and Tailored Business Wargaming

There is a proven tool used by many leading companies that provide this capability. A tool similar to merging and elevating the capabilities of both Doppler radar and an MRI. The tool provides advance visibility into hidden risk including speed, intensity, and direction with the ability to quickly execute to operationally pivot out of risk and into new opportunity. 

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It's Time to Level Up

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