AT&T: Corporate IT Attacks Up 458% in 2014

AT&T says that the number of times hackers tried to hunt down security weaknesses in corporate IT systems was up a whopping 458% in 2014.

The operator released its new “Cybersecurity Insight Report” Thursday ahead of its security conference next week in New York City. The report finds that businesses suffered nearly 43 million known security incidents in 2014, up 48% on the total logged in 2013.

That equates to 117,000 attacks daily!

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) Chief Security Officer (CSO) Ed Amoroso has been vocal in the past that companies need to get smart and creative about how they deal with looming security threats, particularly as more and corporate and critical infrastructure goes online. (See AT&T’s Amoroso: To Battle New Threats, Mobilize Your People.)

One of Amoroso’s key recent messages has been: Be smarter about training your employees not to do dumb stuff.

According to the report, that may be easier said than done. It reads:

  • Nearly 75% of businesses do not involve their full board of directors in cybersecurity oversight.
  • Approximately 51% of organizations are not re-evaluating their information security as a result of high-visibility data breaches.
  • Roughly 78% of all employees do not follow the security policies set forth by their employer.

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