CBR: MI5: Your junior IT employees are being groomed to steal information

Britain’s MI5 has warned corporate leaders that foreign spies and agents are recruiting IT employees to get access to classified information. The Financial Times, which quoted anonymous Whitehall officials, said that MI5 spoke to corporate executives on the matter of increasing their “digital defenses”. Officials warned that IT staff are vulnerable to honey-traps, and insider threats such as espionage from within a company go overlooked by most firms.

The FT said: “Grooming a source with access to highly sensitive information used to be a process that cold war spymasters would spend years orchestrating, but now, even the most junior IT employees can be highly coveted intelligence assets thanks to their often wide-ranging network privileges.”…

Read the full article here: http://www.cbronline.com/news/cybersecurity/data/mi5-your-junior-it-employees-are-being-groomed-to-steal-information-4260064

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