BLACKOPS Partners Corporation Releases SPECTRE®

BLACKOPS Partners Corporation releases SPECTRE®, the breakthrough transformational system for organizations to win against information and industrial warfare in direct response to today’s hyper-threat marketplace.

To transform an organization in today’s threat landscape, leaders must first understand their organization’s weak links and breaking points. SPECTRE is an intensive methodology that explicitly challenges strategy and preconceived ideas to create breakthrough and lasting results in taking organizations to the next level. Through these experiential exercises, organizations discover their weaknesses in advance, become more competitive, and reduce risk.

A recent article, “Faced With New Threats, Businesses Turn to Industrial Warfare,” states: “One of the greatest threats to businesses in the Western world is a culture that makes them unable to compete with countries that don’t play by the same rules.” The article further states that an earlier version of SPECTRE “has already changed the culture of businesses in the United Kingdom, and has recently been released in the United States.” To review the article: 

Businesses, government agencies, military and academic organizations must address increasing strategic and economic threats from highly advanced nation-state adversaries, hackers and traditional competitors who follow no rules. “Many organizations do not realize they are in the center of an protracted economic, information, and industrial war,” stated Casey Fleming, Chairman and CEO of BLACKOPS Partners Corporation.

“With respect to the current threat environment, organizations must immediately re-think their overall strategy as it relates to cyber and information security. SPECTRE is impressive in its ability to drive this effort and the high-value results it delivers,” stated Eric Qualkenbush, former Central Intelligence Agency senior executive and BLACKOPS Partners Corporation director.

SPECTRE deploys a comprehensive series of exercises which allow the organization to view itself through the lens of the adversary while creating a new set of competitive rules. SPECTRE exercises are specifically designed to improve organizational effectiveness by positioning leadership and employees on a new playing field armed with new rules, thought processes, and competitive tactics.

SPECTRE uniquely addresses both internal and external factors affecting strategy and competitive strength by gaining new leadership skills through highly engaging attack and defense exercises. Accelerated benefits from existing clients include (but are not limited to): increased strategic awareness, increased competitive response, increased productivity, the discovery and correction of weaknesses, increased employee and team empowerment, boosted morale, and ultimately reducing risk and reduces costs.

“Many global companies are paying lip service to strategy, risk assessment, analysis, etc. – but it’s not really being done. My impression the first time I saw SPECTRE, I was really shocked. It’s a very different and powerful tool in thinking about business and staying competitive. It’s a must for every executive suite, their organization and suppliers,” according to a Global 100 CEO.

“Our clients have used SPECTRE to evaluate and correct their strategy, then use it to drive the new strategy through the organization with remarkable results. In each case, we have included cyber security strategy in the exercise and used SPECTRE to effectively disseminate the new strategy,” stated Fleming.

About SPECTRE® – The Art of Industrial Warfare®, a division of BLACKOPS Partners Corporation. Originally developed for the UK government and delivered to the UK defense sector through DSEI and Farnborough International as “The Art of Industrial Warfare.” The industrial warfare system represents cutting-edge capability and also has a remarkable history of success in the business sector as a fundamental economic, transactional, and applied red team methodology.

About BLACKOPS Partners Corporation – The leading cyber intelligence and strategy advisors to C-levels and boards of the Fortune 1000, government agencies, academic organizations, and research institutions. America’s top senior thought leaders strategically teamed from national intelligence, law enforcement, cyber, technology, information security, and management consulting (IBM, CIA, FBI, US Secret Service, EDS, Deloitte Consulting, McAfee).


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