BlackOps Partners Announces INVICTUS Wargame Group

WASHINGTON DC – 01-15-2019

“Business Is Now War” As Leaders Face Unprecedented Risk

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BlackOps Partners Corporation has established the INVICTUS Wargame Group to address the top threat facing business leaders: nation-state supported competition, hybrid adversarial strategies, and the rampant theft of intellectual property. Global competition has changed dramatically causing leadership teams to now face unrecognized threats posed by adversarial nation-states and other entities resulting in unprecedented risk.

An environment that was traditionally characterized by competition within a well-regulated legal framework is now characterized by competition that is much more like military combat but without respect for laws or rules. These threats will multiply, magnify, and accelerate going forward as highlighted by FBI Director Christopher Wray: “China is the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country.” But China is far from the only adversarial competitor engaging in this strategy.

Asymmetric hybrid threats are orchestrated to steal innovation and permanently weaken American companies’ ability to compete globally and locally. “Make no mistake, American companies are squarely in the cross-hairs of well-financed nation-state actors, who are routinely breaching private sector networks, stealing proprietary data, and compromising supply chains. stated National Counterintelligence and Security Center Director William Evanina.

“Our adversaries operate and attack from the strategic layer versus the tactical layer, where most U.S. companies operate today – making it a ‘whole of company risk.” stated T. Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners. Since the 1870’s, wargaming has arguably been the most successful tool used by the world’s premier militaries to identify, evaluate and reduce strategic risk while uncovering hidden opportunities. “INVICTUS helps companies pivot their strategy to the strategic layer and ensure our clients not only survive but thrive in this increasingly dangerous and dynamic business environment. ”Fleming continued. “It may also be used to test any strategic decision or issue at very low cost or risk.”

INVICTUS provides proprietary wargaming techniques employed by a joint team of senior experienced military and business leaders. “Everyone on our military teams has been an operational commander and our civilian teams are seasoned senior C-suite equivalents. We understand our adversaries’ strategies, we understand the tough decisions that are facing business leaders today, and we know how to shape our clients’ strategy to compete at this new level,” stated Scott Tait, Managing Director of the INVICTUS Wargame Group, and a retired U.S. Navy Captain with extensive wargaming experience at both national and theater levels. “We are also proud to provide retired general officers, all former operational commanders – at the four, three, and two-star levels as a key element of our support team.”

About INVICTUS:  In addition to evaluating risk and testing strategy, wargaming offers several collateral benefits. It helps leaders understand their business in the context of modern threats; trains the players in critical thinking; helps both participants and their senior leadership evaluate their decision making under stress; draws out input from junior levels of the organization which might not normally have the mechanism, incentive, or “permission” to contribute; reveals where either risk or opportunity is greater than believed due to a scattered distribution across several parts of the organization; draws out unstated assumptions, and cultural “group-think” that might otherwise remain hidden; and helps to align teams toward a successful shared course of action based on shared experiential learning. 

In short, wargaming must be used as a key tool for every organization seeking to survive and thrive in today’s modern high-risk environment.

About BlackOps Partners:  BlackOps pioneered research in the root cause of the massive theft of innovation and intellectual property across all sectors of the U.S. economy. Today, BlackOps is the leading adversarial intelligence and strategy advisors to the senior leadership of the Fortune 1000, government, military, and academia. BlackOps uniquely teamed key senior executives from the private and public sectors: IBM Security, McAfee, Deloitte, Microsoft, AIG, Wells Fargo, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Marine Corps, to address today’s nation-state threat and resulting unprecedented risk.

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