BLACKOPS CEO on Task Force Radio: Wake Up! You’ve Been At War!

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackOps Partners Corporation, Casey Fleming appears on Episode #123 of Task Force 7 Radio to speak directly to the new developments concerning our nation’s counterintelligence apparatus and the impact they are having on the Cyber Security industry. Mr. Fleming breaks down why the new Counterintelligence Strategy for the next two years from 2020 to 2022 is so important, and how these new developments will affect our nations Cyber Security posture. Host George Rettas asks Mr. Fleming about how the bad guys are using emerging technologies to attack our infrastructure, and what this means to both the commercial and academic industries in the United States. He also provides analysis on Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper’s recent comments during his trip to Europe, as well as NCSC Director William Evanina’s recent public remarks on the Chinese theft of intellectual property from the Unites States.

Listen to the episode at Task Force Radio.

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