Strategy Page: China Wants It All

In December 2014 a Chinese citizen, who had worked for an American jet engine manufacturer was accused of trying to steal technology relating to the use of titanium in jet engines. The accused had worked on the engine used in the new F-35 and this is the second Chinese spy caught in 2014 who was stealing F-35 manufacturing technology. The accused faces ten years in prison if convicted. China is apparently going after American tech that would enable China to develop its own versions of the F-22 and F-35.

You didn’t have to catch spies to see this coming. In late 2011 photos of a new Chinese jet fighter, that looked a lot like the American F-35, began appearing on Chinese web sites. Although work began on this new (J-20) aircraft in the late 1990s, when the prototypes were first spotted, it was always obvious that there were similarities to the U.S. F-35. This made sense, given Chinese efforts to obtain details (via Internet espionage, and more conventional spying) about the F-35. The 2011 pictures showed the J-20 undergoing taxiing tests, which usually precedes flight tests by weeks or months…

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IT'S Time to level up

It's Time to Level Up

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