In the most unstable period since WWII

We challenge outdated risk methods by helping our clients think differently

Identifying hidden risk through guided risk discovery and corporate counterintelligence

We provide you the ability to identify and pivot out of hidden risk and into new opportunity

We’re ready to level up

The New ERA

of risk

Increasing unprecedented economic and geopolitical risk requires creating sustainable advantage or your company risks becoming obsolete more quickly now than ever.

Previous management and operating models no longer apply in this rapid-fire, winner-take-all global competitive environment.

Never has rigorous strategic innovation and securing it been more critical. It requires elevated thinking and execution.

We’re in a world of accelerating change and unprecedented risk.


Its time to re-think the old assumptions for creating sustainable competitive advantage.

This is the moment where leaders must take stock in an entirely new way.



Risk, strategy, the human element, technology, and security – all must be unified and integrated with real-time intelligence.

Transformational strategic adaptation:

Leverage evolving crises while anticipating continuous structural upheaval to survive and thrive. Identify opportunities beyond each crisis with breakthrough clarity. Manage unforeseen risk with strategic readiness enabling you and your teams to react faster than both risks and competitors.



In a constantly changing and unknown risk environment, real-time intelligence as a continuous dynamic foundation is vital to elevate and extend maximum visibility and clarity. Without it, risk and strategy remain static and permanently obsolete.

Forward-thinking leaders trust BlackOps’ proprietary Invictus® as their ‘go-forward’ risk platform to ‘level-up’ their visibility of risk and strategy with breakthrough clarity.

We provide the tool, expertise, and clear path forward, tailored to your unique environment – rooted in critical real-time factual counterintelligence.

Stay Ahead

Of the risks

Whether actually doing business abroad, every organization today is affected to some degree by both global and local influences. Level-up your global competitive position now and in the future with our trusted and proven services.



Risk is constantly evolving. All risk: strategic, reputational, regulatory, financial, Cyber, geo-economic, and most importantly, unseen risk. Evaluating your true corporate risk profile against your strategy is paramount to future success.

Modeling and


The breakthrough adaptive Invictus® experiential platform identifies all risk including unseen risk and unseen opportunities. Invictus® unifies and leverages risk, strategy, the human element, technology, and security – providing you a new level of competitive capability.



The biggest challenge in companies is to get all employees, contractors, and suppliers understanding and feeling part of the strategy and accepting their role in the company’s success. We encapsulate the results of the Invictus® modeling and simulation and drive them through your company for complete and elevated unity.

‘Best decision we could have made. Invictus® is the right tool at the right time for getting a true handle on our risk and strategy. Every company should be doing this on a regular basis.’

BlackOps Partners

Global strategic risk, strategy, and counterintelligence for today’s challenging competitive environment.

We turn risk and change into competitive advantage.

Today’s global competitive environment is the new, fast-changing warfront. Risk and strategy modeling are no longer a luxury – they’re a necessity. Old approaches no longer apply. Those who adapt now create the upper hand to not only survive, but thrive. We partner with forward-thinking clients who choose to proactively adapt to risk, align their strategy and employees, and protect their intellectual property at innovative new levels.

BlackOps Partners

Your strategic partner and trust advisor in the new era of global competition.




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IT'S Time to level up